I do comedy because a lot of main stream comedy is not funny. Therefore, one could argue I try to tackle the politics of comedy by bridging concepts that don’t belong to create a joke. I perform regularly, I’ve written a two books, and have a YouTube comedy show.


Food Pours, a show about food going on your head instead of in your mouth. This episode will be featured on MTV in November.


“Humor 20 years before it’s time.”

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104 jokes, 3 speeches, 1 short story.

A live comedy show will cost you $15 to $25 to hear a famous comic perform for 45 minutes. Plus there is usually a 2 drink minimum. This book is $10, autographed, and will take you 1.5 to 2 hours to read. By purchasing the book you will also get instant access to Food Pours: a show about food going on your head instead of in your mouth. You will get access to my soon to be released podcast that will talk about the human experience. You will also get recordings from live comedy sets.  Lastly, your purchase helps me be a family man and chase my dreams.

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“An epic novel about a homeless teenager,

turned savage, turned amateur boxer.”


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