Michael here!  Life has been quite a journey with plenty of hardships, but i’m still standing.  Growing up I was always behind the learning curve. In Kindergarten I was held back. I’ll never forget being in 8th Grade when my science teacher covered my name on a project and showed the class what you should never do. In college, I was the only one in my friend group to be in lower English and Math. Something finally clicked, maybe it was the idea to not take my head out of the books. I’ll be the first to admit, my technical English skills need a little work but I can produce ideas quickly.  Experience leads to growth, but to gain experience one must take action which is not always easy. Don’t look back, just look forward. Where you are now is where you are supposed to be.

“Don’t look up towards the ceiling, look up towards the stars instead. It will take you further.”

Michael Alcaraz