I Won, a wild-wild 2 years.

I moved from California because it was fake and expensive. I brought my brother who is Bipolar Schizophrenic. We arrived in Kansas 11/2016. I quit my job on Christmas Eve.I get hired at Red Robin. I get hired by the schools. My brother stops taking his meds.My brother gets arrested.My brother gets arrested then escapes hospital. I publish a bad-dad joke book.My dog goes missing, but is found. My brother gets arrested. We get evicted. I get rejected with apartment, then approved. Budd Foxx goes to group home. I get sued for $1500 for carpets. Red Robin sucks; I almost get fired for not ringing in fries. I get hired at Chesters and tell the boss to fire me 1 month later. Teaching job is great. I’m getting popular in the schools. I visit brother often at group home. We eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Dennys. On Christmas in Great Bend with other brother Nick we decide to pursue buying a house. I start the 1 year bible. I pay off my car. I get hired at a Steak House. I capture God on Easter. Budd Foxx goes to LA, goes missing, misses 3 flights and comes home. Dad almost dies with Kidney failure. Finding Skippy is Published. I get rejected by first lender. I get rejected by another mortgage lender. Working 65 hours a week, 2 part time jobs is not good enough. After 9 lenders I find someone who will take me on as a client. We get approved for way less than needed. I finish the 1 year bible in August. I run a olympic trial on a Sunday and a half marathon the following Saturday, School year starts and I am famous in the schools. We start escrow. Dad wins the lottery. We close escrow. Brother moves out of group home. I won.


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