Does The Education System Need To Grade Differently?

It would be nice if students realized that teachers are tough on them because they want them to advance up the education ladder. Unfortunately along the way Teachers fuss over cell phone use, language, and student to student interactions.

Teachers now often miss the why we need to learn this assignment. They fail to focus on how this will help students in 20 years! They feel a fear based environment which comes down to a sole letter will create the upper hand over the students. Will in the classroom and education environment there is one term that needs to be greatly emphasized. That word/ phrase is called EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.  Although there are many definitions it can be briefly narrowed down to “one having the ability to look at a situation deeply from another ones context to reason why that particular individual acted in a certain way with intentions to gain clarity towards a deeper understanding of the other individual with intentions of lifting them to a better place.”

If teachers understood the hardships students go through: broken families, ADHD, cell phone addiction, social conformity, hormone changes, financial hardships….maybe students would not get bad grades if they could focus and the teachers could grade on one’s ability to critically think. My analysis comes from being a substitute teacher of 3 semesters in Wichita Kansas.

Stay tuned for my next post on the current education system next month. In the mean time, check out one of my kindle books from my author website that all promote intellectual growth in their own unique ways by clicking this link. Childlike Wonder Books. 


Finding Skippy
What would you do if you came home tired from work and your dog was not home? #findingskippy




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