2018 Proof That God Is Real and Jesus Rose Again.

Last Saturday was March 1st. Last Sunday was April 1st. Also this year, it was Easter 2018. At roughly 12:15 I was outside and the moon looked cool. It was a bright full moon with a nice circular haze around it.  It occurred to me that God was saying it was Easter. Being a Christian I thought “God is giving us a nice moon for Easter.”

Our core belief in Christianity is that there is a heaven and a man named Jesus Christ, the son of God, came to Earth for limited time to spread the good news that there is a father in heaven who loves us.

I went inside to get my phone to take a picture. Outside it was pitch black and only my porch light was on.  My flash was off on my phone. Then this happened.


As I sit here trying to recall the event, I remember only being able to see God when my eyes were staring through the camera. I do not recall seeing this from my naked eye. However, I would not mind getting cross examined under oath in front of the Supreme Court on what I saw early easter morning.

Over the years I have taken pictures of sunsets and moons that stand out. For this to occur, on Easter, a few minutes after midnight, points to one conclusion. JESUS CHRIST ROSE AGAIN!

Another God miracle with in the last year is shown through my book Finding Skippy Can someone explain to me how a 6 pound Chihuahua was found 1.5 miles away. Now what would you do if you came home tired from work and your dog was not home? Who would be more scared, you or the dog?



God is good!


2 thoughts on “2018 Proof That God Is Real and Jesus Rose Again.

  1. “points to only one conclusion”.

    Really? That is the ONLY conclusion that could be reached? You can’t possibly think of ANYTHING ELSE that it could possibly be besides a sign from God? It couldn’t possibly be:

    -An artifact from the analog to digital conversion performed by your camera when saving or displaying the image
    -lense flair
    -wrong appature setting on your camera
    -magical farting pixies that like to play with the light on pictures of moons on smart phones just to let us know that they exist

    Nope, it must mean the God of the Bible is completely true and factual. Makes perfect sense.

    (I’m glad that you found your dog, but I’m also highly skeptical that your God had anything to do with that either.)


    1. I take pictures daily. For it to happen like that on Easter morning was incredible. If it happened on any other day, sure I could speculate other options. I’ve never changed any settings in my phone. I’ve never seen a picture get distorted in a split second when taking a picture unless I shake my phone and it causes the image to get blurry. Your argument started off strong, but the “magical farting pixies” reference hurts your credibility along with your username. Send an astrophysics person my way or get my cross examined by the supreme court please.

      Do squirrels or pheasants or deer or skunks or other wild animals have people praying over them? If you read my book, I get more in depth onto my reasoning on why the dog survived and this 6 pound dog has some physical and mental health issues. He was found alive past some crazy obstacles. Prayer helped him get to a safe place to be found before he would become snake food.


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