An Emerging Author

IMG_1887My name is Michael Alcaraz. In grade school I was always a step behind in classes. My brain did not click till age 22. I did not even walk at my college graduation. My main sources of income are from substitute teaching and working in restaurants. I run a small Jeff Bezo’s Amazon home business factory at my apartment. I fiddle with genius and my head does not leave the books.

For the last 5 years, many books have been published and movies have been filmed. While the entertainment industry moves forward, I have published three books and it is time I deserve some recognition and a small amount of attention.

My first book, A Hollow Fight, is about a homeless teenager, turned savage, turned amateur boxer. If you loved any of the Rocky movies or Into the Wild, you will love the urbanization the protagonist embraces during his search for meaning and purpose in this underground coming of age classic. Will he win the fight of his life or fall short to his demons? A Hollow Fight Link To Read.

My second book, The Book Of Muh, The Not Funny Joke Book,  was written to tackle some of the politics of stand up comedy. I was performing semi-regular at open mic and realized there is a a lot of buddy-buddy superficial bonding taking place over shared jokes that are unoriginal. The one’s running the show are hit or miss as comics and mostly inappropriate. What ever happened to clean jokes that connect concepts that don’t belong to create surprise element? This joke book is humor 20 years before it’s time and may possibly change the future of comedy. Joke Book Link To Read

Lastly my third book, Finding Skippy, is a true story that is a Finding Nemo version of a dog owner trying to find his lost dog. What would you do if you came home tired from work and your precious dog was not home? This book is a thriller and a wild true story. Finding Skippy Link To Read.

All of these books have one thing in common besides that a lot of heart and dedication; they are all underground classics.

If you buy two books and email me or contact me via twitter, @authoralcaraz or @muhbaddadjokes  I will send you and autographed bookmark.



Michael Alcaraz


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