I’m Going To Be On MTV

I am a comedian. Some say I am funny. Some say I am not that funny. If I was on a baseball team, I would be like the second baseman; every once in a while I hit the ball out of the park, but I am a mid card performer. Why? Could it be that I am awkward or that I have a dry sense of communicating to my audience? I perform once a week and enjoy it. It feels like therapy sometimes. However, there can be a lot of politics. Because of the politics, I wrote my own bad dad joke book themed on the premise that all the jokes are “Humor 20 years before it’s time.” It’s kind of like the sports almanac featured in Back To The Future.

Sample Jokes: With all this kneeling taking place in the NFL, the league might swell change the coin toss from heads or tails to America’s favorite brand…TARGET. You either have Mossimo or Merona?

How did the kid pay for his pet duck? With a bill.

Where does all the money in the wishing wells go? Wells Fargo!

Due to my childish PG-13 style of humor, I decided I needed to grow my brand. I created a show called Food Pours, which is a show on youtube where I pick random food items and pour them on my head. I don’t get a lot of views, but it landed in the hands of MTV and now I am going to be on MTV.

Here is the episode I’m famous now

If you like to laugh, buy my bad dad joke book or be sad. Greatest bad-dad joke book ever


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