I hope you had a great summer. September marks the start of the last quarter of the year and i’m offering a huge summer blowout special in regards to two products that can change the world. Do you like to laugh? Do you want to be healthy?

Product number 1 is a bad-dad joke book that I wrote called “The Book Of Muh, the Not Funny Joke Book”. The style is “humor 20 years before it’s time”. ($10 value).

Sample Jokes: book cover2

  • How did the kid pay for his pet duck? With a bill.
  • Where does all the money in the wishing wells go? Wells Fargo.
  • There was no Braille to touch…so I read.


It’s not just a comedy book. It’s access to a new comedy experience.  Comedy Shown On MTV


Product number 2 is a wonderful daily vegan beverage. Have you heard of Zeal? Zeal is a nutrition store in a bottle that curbs appetite, provides mental clarity, reduces anxiety, gives off all day energy, and promotes muscle growth with out making it to the gym through whole foods and super foods. ($75 value).



Watch The Zeal Difference


Buy a monthly canister of Zeal for $64.99 and I will personally autograph and send you a copy of my bad-dad joke book. $20 in savings!!!! Pure Nutrition + Comedy = Optimal Health. “The secret to living, is giving” – Tony Robbins.

My Website

Zeal Store

* If you are not satisfied with the products, get your money back in 30 days!











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