Awake The Giant Within by Tony Robbins (Book Report)

I recently got done reading Awake The Giant Within by Tony Robbins. The book is over 500 pages and took me a little over a week to read. I took a lot of notes and wanted to share them with you. There is no particular organization of thoughts. Excuse my grammar; I can hardly read by handwriting and this was not meant to be a scholarly essay.  Read this as a collage of uplifting brain nourishment.





I will not be denied. Are you committed? Must take as long as you need to. The fear of loss is greater than the desire to gain. Pain is fear. Swap alcohol with reading. Skip a meal to read. Pain and pleasure shape every decision. Discipline requires that you break through the pain. It’s not the events of our lives that shape is; it’s our beliefs and meaning towards the events that occur. Emotional intensity = conviction. Be committed to consistency. Quality costs less. CANI = Constant And Never Ending Improvement. Have higher standards. Empower yourself to break old limitations. Produce measurable results. How long do we have to grow? What can I learn from this situation? Must believe that you can change quickly. Luck plays a part after you work your butt off. Link everything to pleasure or pain. It’s not a “should” but a “must.” Be radically different. Find people who make lasting change. Link sensations to reinforcement. Reinforce success over and over again. If you don’t like what you are doing change your inner channel. If you want to improve your life….learn to learn. Apply meaning to your focus. Focus on where you want to grow. Put yourself in a determined state. Successful people ask better questions. Control your focus by asking the right questions. What planning needs to take place to make financial success. What can I enjoy owning? Make compound choices. Questions change our focus. How can we improve from this? Questions are the laser of our human consciousness that control our focus and determine what we feel and what we do. Ask questions with integrity. Is there loss here? When disappointment occurs…set a new goal immediately. If you want to cure boredom become curious. The ability to act on makes us move forward. The secret to living is giving. Every reaction is based on interpretation. Disappointment may be an opportunity in disguise. Vision plus never ender persistency. Ask the how question; how did I get here? Our goal is to not ignore the problems of life, but to put ourselves in a better mental and emotional state so we can come up with better solutions and to act accordingly. Focus 10% on the problem and 90% on the solution. What’s not working? Focus on solutions not problems. Wayne Gretzky was great at Hockey because he could anticipate where the puck was going. Nothing and no one can change how I feel. You can change anything in a minute. Eliminate the cancer. Put minor steps into a giant chunk. Commit yourself to your vision. Know your values. Values are your compass. Risk rejection. Create a Value Hierarchy. Prioritize your values. Ask yourself what has to happen in order for you to feel happy? Make it hard to feel bad. No longer depend on others. Create self governing rules. Save time by looking at personal references or references shared by others. Look for empowering memories. Cling onto faith during all times. Repetition. Create more value. Could it be that your worst days are your best if you learn something valuable?Consistency demonstrates trust and loyalty, Your behavior molds your beliefs. Form your identity. Have a sense of who you are. Know your self-worth. What does the dictionary say near your name. Who do you want to be? Don’t be a prisoner of your past. Expand your beliefs about yourself. What more can I be? What more will I be? Forget your past, who are you now? There’s no success without emotional success. Know the values and rules of the people you interact with or you will feel pain. Corner the market on a commodity and do what is not being done. 5% will do what ever it takes. Find a way to convert little value into great value. Invest in the important things over the minor things. Change the way you evaluate decisions. Commit to known personal values, rules, and beliefs. A hero does the right thing despite fear. When things don’t work out, change your approach. Contribute to the opportunity to help others. Raise your standards and your behavior will change. Strive for balance over pleasure. Learn to love change…it is certain.


Thanks for reading this stream of consciousness essay that was a series of notes I took while reading Awake The Giant Within by Tony Robbins.


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