Muh Premier Comedy Network

I have been a comic since high school. I graduated in 2009 but started being told I was funny around 2008.  Back then I did things that were funny, that I didn’t think were funny, but other people found funny. In college/ my young adult life, I tried to be funny and thought I was funny when I really was only funny half the time; mostly incredibly immature and seeking cheep laughs. Then there was a period of time when I was doing nothing funny. After going into hibernation and spending a lot, and I mean a lot of alone time, the funny started to re-emerge. I am from the same hometown as Will Ferrell and some believe I am the new Will Ferrell of Irvine California.

I have been producing tangible material since 2011 mostly demonstrated through social media outlets. I’ve had tweets put onto canvas bags. I’ve taken pictures that no other man dares to take. I’ve filmed stunts that no man dares to try. I’ve said things that have crossed the line and I’ve got a lot of people asking that very important question: “How?” How does he continue to break the barrier. How does he continue to out perform himself? How does he continue to produce original idea after original idea? (These aren’t my words). My grammar might not be the best, but I can think of an original idea. I have my formulas and now that I think about it, I spend a lot of time nourishing my brain to think deeper.

Over the last 2 years my level of comedy has really amplified. My following has grown as I continue to produce content and perform. I produce my own show called Food Pours, which is a show where I pour random food over my head.

From time to time I also make “not your average” improv videos, best shown through this Titanic Tribute.


Recently, I published my second book. It’s a “Bad-Dad” joke book with a theme of “Humor 20 years before it’s time”. The book is expected to change the future of comedy.

Now I can’t continue to produce free entertainment due to the quality and efforts of my work. By effort, each time I do a stand up comedy show it requires 3 to 4 hours of my time. When I film a video, it costs a little money. My brain does not stop thinking about the fans. After 6 years, I am finally launching the Muh Premier Comedy Network. I know I have a lot of loyal fans out there who have enjoyed my material for free over the years.  With this announcement, I will no longer be publicly sharing a lot of my comedy related posts. They will still be available, but will require a little more homework on behalf of the fan. However, when you are in the network…you are in!

Typically, if one were to go to a live comedy event they would spend money on admission, food, and drinks costing up to maybe $50  for the evening. I am offering exclusive access to my Muh Premier Comedy Network through the purchase of my PG-13 comedy book: The Book Of Muh, The Not Funny Joke Book.

Sample Jokes:

“How did the kid pay for his pet duck? With a bill.”

“There was no Braille to touch…so I read.”

“Name a Queer Fraternity? Alpha Faggot Omega.”


By purchasing my inexpensive book you will gain:

  • Incredibly funny jokes to share with friends, family members, and strangers.
  •  Updates when a new episode of Food Pours is released; they usually have people jumping up and down.
  • Sent emails of my live open mic set recordings. Sometimes I expand deeper than PG-13.
  • “Brain Food” articles that move the human spirit and create meaning in our every day lives.
  • An autographed book, which will keep you very entertained, and can be sold on Ebay.


Thank you for the support. You will not be disappointed. If you hate the book, which you won’t, you can dislike all my videos on YouTube and leave me hurtful Amazon reviews.

Buy Now (:

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