New Comedy Book Changes The Comedy Scene!

Here are a few jokes from my new comedy book. Think “Humor 20 years before it’s time.”

How did the kid pay for his pet duck? With a bill.

LGBTQ…XYZ…now I know my ABC’s.


  • Filling My Time Up In The Shade
  • No Search Party
  • The Text Message That Never Came
  • Never Had Girl Problems
  • Friends Aren’t For Me
  • Goonies Taking Out The Trash
  • Tall Glass Of Bleach For Happy Hour
  • Crying On Halloween
  • Life With No Love
  • She For A Second
  • Grinch In A Cadillac

“You guys have been great!” “One more song. One more song!” the crowd cheers. “You guys want to hear a song we’re not releasing till next month?” The crowd goes bonkers. “This next one is going to be a real classic and you’re hearing it for the very first time. This one is called Table For One!” The stands erupt in pandemonium.

I’m fortunate enough to have all my teeth, but if I only had 3 teeth. . . .I sure would spend a lot of time brushing them each day.

If you like this style of humor, please check out my new book. 104 jokes, 2 speeches, and 1 short story! Thank you for the support!

“Humor 20 years before it’s time.”

book cover2

104 jokes, 3 speeches, and 1 short story.

Click the link below. Free Shipping for a limited time only!

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