The Ultimate Drink For The Athlete

How many of you play sports? How many of you used to play sports? How many of you know somebody who plays sports? We are all connected to the image of the athlete. We have our own definition of what an athlete should be.  When we think of sports, the athlete needs the total package of nutritional health to be at the top of their game. Could there be cost effective and better options than Gatorade or even Body Armor for before, during, and after the big game? YES! YES! YES! THE ANSWER IS CALLED ZEAL.

Zeal is a nutrition store in a bottle that has 42 super foods and whole foods that protect, enrich, and restore the body at a cellular level while targeting the 5 root causes for poor health: poor nutrition, poor emotional health, free radicals, stress, and physical inactivity. However, in this short article I would like to briefly mention a few of Zeal’s ingredients that would help an athlete achieve optimal performance. A few chapters could be written about each of the following ingredients.

Guarana Seed is a natural caffeine that helps with weight-loss, reduces mental and physical fatigue, and lowers blood pressure.

Goji Berry contains all 8 essential amino acids, boosts the immune system, increases testosterone, improves focus and can keep you calm under stress.

Chlorella detoxifies heavy metals in the body. It’s more nutrient dense than kale, spinach, and broccoli. It helps fight cancer.

Noni Juice Power rich in antioxidants, helps brain function, and reduces cholesterol.

Acai is a good source of fiber, boosts the immune system, helps promote cellular health.

Bacopa Extract helps with memory, helps the body adjust to stressful situations.

Gotu Kola heals wounds and improves mental clarity.

Stabilized Rice Bran is known as “The Food of Life.”

Moringa Oleifera is known as “The Tree of Life.”

Ashwaganda helps with thyroid function. Lowers depression and anxiety. It reduces cortisol levels and improves anxiety.

Broccoli Powder is high in calcium. Cleans colon, liver, and prostate. Helps with tissue repair.

daily values zeal

In 30 days people will be asking you what changed! Visit the Zeal Sport’s Advantage Store.

*Dad- Joke: What’s a bodybuilders favorite type of food? Mussels.

Powerful Zeal Info Commercial


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