Something About Fear

There is a little something that is not so little. It is called fear and it will kick you where the sun don’t shine. It is a depressant. It is a negative. It will haunt and creep while you sleep. It will block you from your vision. So this is what you’re going to do. You’re going to believe in yourself. You’re going to dig deep and you’re going to fight. You’re going to stare fear down. It is absolutely necessary because when you do you start to align yourself with your vision, thoughts start to change. There is only one person who can do it. Can you guess? The great news is that the pain right now is temporarily if you listen to your gut and heart. Rip the tape off their mouths and get to work.You do want it? You do want to be happy? You do want to make something of your life, am I  right or am I right?

Put your salivating tongue back in your mouth, gulp, and process this. You’re not a victim. You’re a believer on break. Break is over. It is possible. You can and you will run towards your dream. . . . day in and day out for all the days to come.  Today you start using your pickax brain and start putting in the work. No one needs to see and what they do see will be an iceberg. Now what do you love? There is something that you are passionate about. What do you love? It’s drifted. Ask yourself who stole you away from your baby love? What stole you away from victory? Where did you lose yourself, and quit? Now why would you quit something you love, to dance a dance in a den full of wolves and sly foxes acting like you’re having the time of your life when you’re not? Ok ok right now in this moment, ask yourself how it all began? How did the situations you put yourself into dictate the choices you made? Face your past, say thanks for the memories. From now on you go through your problems a winner. Don’ quit on yourself another minute because there is nothing on the back side of fear. Failure is not an option because you can defeat fear. You will be bad before you be great and become obsessive about how you are going to win.

Motivation Goodness


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