Why ZEAL Is Great For The Day Laborer

I recently started working two new jobs. Monday through Friday I am a Substitute Teacher. I wake up at 6:30 am, get to the school by 7:45, and teach my heart out till 3:45 pm. I take my ZEAL in the morning on my way to work. It wakes me up within 20 minutes and provides me the energy to get through the day without having to have a full breakfast and a full lunch. Sometimes, I take a cliff bar around noon. I hear a lot of teachers talk about having anxiety, but I get none because the adaptogenic herbs  in ZEAL keep me calm and relaxed. Also the classroom can be a very nasty place. Students comb their hair, pick at their gum in their mouth, don’t wash their hands, take off their shoes, and worse. I am surrounded by germs, but ZEAL keeps my immune system strong and fights for me to keep me healthy.

I try to be asleep by 11 pm during the week. Before taking ZEAL, I used to wake up 3-4 times a night. My schedule was not the same, so I aimed to  get 10 hours of sleep knowing I would have interrupted sleep. When I would wake up, I would  lay there for 10 to 15 minutes because my brain fog was terrible. Now I get up quickly  and start my day.

On the weekends I work at a restaurant all day. Sometimes a shift last  11 hours with no break. I am on my feet the whole time. ZEAL gives me the energy to get through the day without eating a major meal. To have energy at the end of a 11 hour shift after walking 8 to 10 miles while skipping breakfast, lunch, and dinner is awesome. It also keeps me calm during stressful situations like getting triple sat (3 new tables in very short time period) or when getting a bad tip after trying my best. Touching dirty plates and used forks can be quite nasty and an easy way to spread germs and bacteria, but I believe ZEAL once again is fighting for me.

To me, the endurance aspect is fascinating because I used to have a lot of back and neck discomfort from a snowboarding injury years ago. My attention span used to also be terrible, now I have the power to focus all day.

When I do have time for the gym, I can run for an hour no problem. My weight exercises in the gym also have not decreased. In the past, if i stopped working out for a period of time, my numbers in the gym would decrease pretty dramatically. I like to think that they maintain themselves because I am feeding the body what it needs. ZEAL is composed of 42 super foods and whole foods that protect, enrich, and restore the human body at a cellular level while targeting the 5 root causes for poor health.

So what can ZEAL be for the day laborer? It can be an all natural energy drink. It can be a meal replacement. It can be a germ fighter. I can keep focused and on top of my game.  It gives provides stamina and endurance. It can be an anxiety relief aid. It is also simple and cost effective. Instead of spending $450 and consuming 56 pills at say GNC, one can get a nutrition store in a bottle for around $1.50 to $2.50 a day.

Click this link to try a cheap 6 pack of ZEAL samples to discover your favorite flavor.



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