The Quick $130 Flip Into $450

Be on your way to a healthier life in 3 minutes after this read.

Have you ever wanted to own your own business and be your own boss while working from home 20 minutes a day? Or do you want to invest in a stock, but don’t know how the market works? Are you currently working a job that offers a product/ service that causes the company to benefit greatly over the compensation that you receive? Do you have a product to offer cousins/ friends/ family from around the country that will provide a ton of value for them while filling your pockets with some extra cash?

The Product – Zeal

  • An all-natural vegan nutrition store in a bottle that has 42 super foods and whole foods that protect, enrich, and restore the body.
  • Targets the 5 root causes for poor health: Poor Nutrition, Stress, Free Radicals, Poor Emotional Health, Physical Inactivity. 9/10 people have a health issue and 8/10 people are looking to lose weight.
  • Within the hour most feel positive effects with the following areas: energy, focus, less fatigue, less anxiety, and a smaller appetite.
  • $1.56 to $2.50 a serving.
  • Great for athletes, health enthusiasts,  the blue and white collar worker, and especially the sick.
  • Industry Solution.

The Company – Zurvita

  • Has been featured in Success From Home Magazine the last few years.
  • The company just reached over 100 million in sales last years.
  • Listed with the Direct Selling Association.
  • Generous compensation plan.
  • Great return policy.
  • Free monthly product with minimal work.

The Flip

The business is created for $130. You get your website, registration,  and a month canister of Zeal. I started my business for $350 which got me a 6 month supply  of Zeal. Some start at around $500.  Think of it as having your own store, but for personal use and samples. Many businesses take years to break even. You will break even next month and be in the positive.

Get 5 preferred customers within 35 days. That is a parent, relative, brother, sister, cousin, co-worker, significant other, etc. They save 15% each month. With 5 customers you should make around $450. Great commission per sale. Some can make $1800 their first month. How? Most people like the product so much that they want to become distributors. Now you get a bonus for signing up a consultant, make 5% residual income on their down line a to b to c to d to e to f to g, and get a few hundred dollar Team All Star Bonus. There is an equal emphasis on customers and consultants. Everything is driven by product value. Free product for each of the following months if you have 3 preferred customers. This means you don’t have to put money into the system. Think of your networks….do you have a massive family? Do you work in a doctor’s office? Do you play a sport? Do you know people looking for a job? Do you attend a church? Everyone needs this product.

Your Sample Website

*all product is shipped from company warehouse.

More Value With Mike

  • Free Zeal literature.
  • Free samples.
  • Show me a list of 25 prospects and I will match your $130 investment if you don’t make your money back in 35 days so you at least break even.
  • Free comedy book.
  • Access to tons of free resources.
  • Free business plans.

Getting Started

Email me @ or call me at 949-433-8581 so we can talk about getting you started, making you money in 35 days, and creating an impact in the community.


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