The Patriots Half Time Super Bowl Speech

Super Bowl Speech

I’m not going to lecture you on what we’re doing wrong. I’m not going to break you out into your respected positions. We all know what we need to do. Many of you have been playing this game for at least 12 years. Tonight you are fiddling with genius perfection. A master doesn’t need to be told what to do because he problem solves. The test is 30 minutes. We will be judged. On the contrary, it’s how we perceive ourselves in the light of the world. We are losing, but you are all winners.

How many times did you want to quit through out your football careers? You didn’t quit when you were living for the Friday night lights! You didn’t quit when broken collarbones and bruised ribs sidelined you from playing College Game Day. And you didn’t quit after getting embarrassed on national television during week 2 on Sunday Night Football. Many of you have trained in the brutalist of heat storms in the South-East through years of double days. A few of you lost family members the week of big games. Back in October, our star wide-receiver, Balby Dawn had to leave the team immediately for doping. We have all faced many setbacks, but we can’t let any more setbacks hold us back from achieving the long term goal that has been instilled into our minds since we first picked up the pig skin. Every short term goal that has been thrown your way, you all have achieved. Tonight, on the night of nights, you can capture your long term goal. Hammy Duke, Charlie Nuegett, Adeldo Chavez, and myself all have rings. We’ve felt that rush of blood that pours through when touching the Lombardi Trophy for the first time, but hell with it. I want to hoist the trophy with each and every one of you. Can we forget the fact that we’re down by 17 points and have 83 yards for loss due to penalties? If you can find a way to be the meanest and smartest best you for the next 30 minutes, then together we will be victorious.

If you get knocked down hard, muster up the courage to say “I want some more” as you get up.  If you go to the ground with one of those ugly white uniforms, let them know you will be back for more. Let them know that they are your babies. Goo-goo-ga-ga. If you think it’s been a dog fight so far, let’s turn this into a prison blood bath; but you guys are on the opposite side of the law.

I wish I could throw on some pads and step on the field, but I’m an old timer. If I got hit I bet my cleats and socks would fly off. The reason you are part of this organization is because management and myself thought you were best people for the job. Cut day is probably the hardest day of the year. It aint easy to shatter a grown man’s dreams and watch it in their face as you release them from the organization. The job is not quite yet done. Let’s finish this game on our terms and shock the world. Vegas has us at 7 to 1 odds. Let’s lose people some money and crush the dreams of others. One team can only be victorious and that sure as hell ain’t going to be us. Not tonight. To say I’m not a nervous wreck would be a ticket to Hell for committing a terrible lie. I feel like I can’t breathe. When the clock hits zero and this game is over, I want to let out an exhale like no other. One of happiness and alpha pride, not remorse. I don’t want to see those tears of sadness in your eyes as you walk back into the locker room tunnel with a heavy broken heart. This opportunity may not come again. You are living your childhood dream tonight so let’s capture the moment with a victory? When the night is over we don’t want to think about what we could have done differently.

Think of all the people to ever play this game, but never got far. Maybe they played a few years then decided the sport was not for them. Maybe they had all pro written over their highlight wheels, but tragedy struck. Anyone who has ever played the game has wanted to be playing in this game. Go out there and play your game. Let’s dance on the moon tonight.


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