ZEAL Bu$ine$$ Opportunity

Thank you for taking the time to read this small article. I will make it brief, eye opening, and powerful.


In 2009 I got hurt in a snowboarding accident and suffered a bad neck injury. I’m fortunate to be alive. The years moved on and I received massage and chiropractic treatment as needed, but always had mild discomfort. People also knew me as the pg-13 amateur comedian, but the funny thing is I had bad anxiety and slight depression. These problems all went away after trying a product called ZEAL offered by Zurvita. Since then I have helped people lower their cholesterol, helped individuals with ADD, helped athletes discover the ultimate drink for the athlete, helped people lose weight, cured hangovers, provided nutrients to people going through chemotherapy, helped people get better sleep, helped people have all day energy, helped people feel happy, reduced prescription medications, lowered arthritic pain, and helped people lower brain fog.


In America 9/10 people have a health issue and 8/10 people are looking to lose weight. ZEAL is a nutrition store in a bottle. It has 42 super foods that protect, enrich, and restore the human body at a cellular level. Have you heard of Stabilized Rice Bran or Moringa Olifera? At GNC one would spend nearly $450 and need to consume 56 pills to get all that is in 1 serving. If you substitute out a coffee, a red bull, a snack, you can afford ZEAL. But I want you to get ZEAL for FREE!


Built behind ZEAL is an incredibly unique compensation plan, but it requires a little capital up front. I started my business for around $350. That bought me a lot of product, my welcome kit, and my monthly website to operate my business. A store needs product on the shelves to operate, correct? Since being in this business for a few months, I know how to make YOU a quick Return On Investment because I learned from my mistakes. You can get started as low as $125 or you can buy a ton of product for around $500. Think of it as starting your own business. For example, a restaurant takes 3 years to break even. Or look at it as a stock that can only move in a positive direction with a little nourishment.


Within 30 days, I can help you flip that $125 into a minimum of $400 with the easy potential to make a lot more. Many are making executive type income working very part time and at their own pace. If you were to sign up a preferred customer you would get a $50 bonus to a $14 bonus. Preferred customer means that the customer saves 15% each month and is on auto-ship, but can cancel anytime. If you get 5 preferred customers in your first 30 days, you will receive an additional $250 bonus. 5 customers are not hard to get: parent, uncle, friend, neighbor, co-worker, gym partner, significant other’s family member.  Each time a customer’s auto-ship fills, you receive 20 % commission on that sale. Customers are more than welcome to do a 1 time purchase and you will receive a %20 commission. And if the customers are not satisfied, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee! The price per serving fluctuates between $1.56 and $2.50. Because you will have at least 3 preferred customers, you will get free product next month and all the following months if you have 3 preferred customers  (just pay shipping and tax). The free product alone is a $70 value. It works off a calendar month, so it’s best to start hard and have the full 30 days to get 3 preferred customers. We are required to have incoming product each month. The great thing is most customers like the product so much that they want to become distributors/ consultants.


When that happens, you will receive 5% residual income on all their customers and down line. And you will receive a bonus on their builder pack.  If you have a few consultants under you and the total business volume hits $3,000 in a month, you will receive a $400 bonus. Then for every additional $3,000 in business volume you will receive another $400 bonus up to 16x. You will also be car qualified at this point and can pick a BMW, Cadillac, or Mercedes of your choosing  which the company will pay for. When you move up in rank, you will also get another bonus. There’s always random bonuses popping up and great deals that only us distributors have access to! It’s all work from home, no quotas, and you never have to attend a meeting. You are your own boss. The only meetings I recommend would be having a few people over and saying “I want you to all try this!” Most will feel effects in reduction in appetite, reduction in brain fog, clear focus, natural energy, or sudden relief of anxiety or fatigue within the hour.


What’s the catch? There is no catch. It’s that simple. But wait, that’s not all. By working with me, I can plug you into my group. When I got started, I met some of the top earners in the company. One guy is making $80,000 a month. He provides a free online academy where you can learn at your convenience everything you need to know. Why is ZEAL so unique? Why is this compensation plan so unique? How do I sell if I know nothing about sales? Why is the timing right? This training is the Harvard Business School geared towards selling ZEAL.


If you give the consultant opportunity a shot for 3 months, I will send you a bonus check for $40 just for trying. It never hurts to try. In all things in life, you will be bad before you be great. This small risk has incredibly high rewards and the result of this small experiemtnt will allow for new growth to happen. In no way is this Herbal Life. The company focuses on product value.  I also will supply you with literature and doctor’s reports. I can also help you   formulate a business strategy on who to target in your inner circles. My phone line will always be available for questions, help, and friendship. And when you’re with me, I always provide the ZEAL. I want you to be 100% sure this is for you. Therefore, I recommend trying a 6 pack of ZEAL to know that the product really works and to read a SUCCESS FROM HOME MAGAZINE and learn why this company is listed with the Direct Selling Association. ZEAL HOMEWORK

Are you ready? In the next 30 days people will be asking you what changed!


Your Quan,

Michael Alcaraz


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