Inauguration Morning From My Couch

What a day in history. A man who lost the popular vote and at some point was criticized by most, is now the President of the United States. I can’t recall, but I think 17 months ago I called Trump followers “sheeps” because I was tired of the social media posts. In the end, he got my vote. I was a closet Trump supporter. I am deplorable. When it came down to 2 candidates, I wanted the one who possessed a different perspective. “I’m with him” my  only friend and I joked around. I was actually quite honored to deliver the news to him that Trump won through a simple text message “We won!” The next day at work in California, I became public enemy number 1 when whispering into most of my co-workers ears “The flag was still there.”

I have been on the couch for the majority of the last 32 hours. I was getting some free popcorn at my community club house and they had on CNN. Trump was at Arlington Cemetery paying his respects. It suddenly hit me. I felt like a woman who’s water was breaking,”It’s time.” Then the President Elect and his entourage made their way to the Lincoln Memorial. In October of 2015 I accidentally set off the alarm at the museum to the left of the steps and the police came.  While watching the performances I thought about Martin Luther King and Forrest Gump and their moments from those steps. The musical acts were all great in my opinion. I need new tunes.

I watched the news all night flipping back and forth between Fox and CNN.Tik Tok. Dawny, Dollnold, Dawnald, Donald Dump, Donald Trumpet, Donald Trump’s moment was closing in.

At five in the morning I woke up. I wanted to watch everything from Trump’s church ceremony, tea with the Obama’s, to the ride down Pennsylvania Avenue. Around 6 I could see the sun peeking up behind Capital Hill. I ate a breakfast sandwich and went back to bed. Around 9:15, my brother woke me up. It was go time.

Around 11:30 the anticipation was building. I could see the sadness and  grace in the Obama’s. Thank you! At noon, Trump became the 45th President. When the trumpets blasted all I heard was “Trumpity Trump Trump Trumpity Trump.” It was only fitting that it started to rain. Was it God crying? Today’s date it 1-20-2017. If you add up the single digits, it amounts to 13 and the day of the week is Friday. During his speech he said something along the lines of “We are the leaders of this nation” I jumped off the couch and started shouting “I’m the big boss man.”  Through out the next hour I kept telling myself that “The flag was still there.” Then when Obama flew away all I could think was “na na na, hey hey, goodbye.”

Prior to the parade, there were disturbing protest. When the parade began, all I could think about was the famous scene in Dumb and Dumber when Loyd fires the gun. Glad that didn’t happen. Glad everything went along peaceful. One thing that annoyed me was that most everyone was on their phones, capture the moment with your eyes and watch yourself on TV later. A picture of you on your TV watching the President pass is cooler. But who am I to talk, I can’t afford a trip to Washington right now. I don’t got pennies, I got pocket lint.

As the day moved on, I started calling my dog Barron. I was Trump and my son was Barron. At the Inaugural Balls, I watched and gently shuffled my feet like I was dancing on the moon.

Have a great night and may peace be with us all and lets Make America Great Again.





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